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— I just re-read Jean-Baptiste Thoret's essay "Gravity of the Flux: Michael Mann’s Miami Vice" because I just re-read Sally Shafto's recent piece "Brave New World: Some Reflections on the Digital Revolution in General and Digital Cinema in Particular" because just last week I re-watched Miami Vice and I hope to, just as soon as possible, revisit some Jia Zhang-Ke for a long-gestating piece. (Also, for a variety of additional reasons, INLAND EMPIRE.)

— This is, of course, a different model of digital cinema than something like what our own Marc Lafia works at, as you can see on his cinema-engine and on youtube channel and this piece built for The Whitney, but it's kinda cool to think how even in such "non-narrative" works as these the narrative architecture is still at work, still organizing, even if it's work done by spectator and not the spectacle. What I mean to say is that there is a conversation between the traditions that we should perform although we rarely do; weaving is harder than it looks, even in pixel form.

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